Hello I’m Kelly!

Have you ever felt a disconnection between the person you are now and the person you desire to become? If anxiety, burnout, depression, grief, PTSD, anger, trauma and apprehension seem to hinder you from being the YOU that you desire, then let’s talk! I’d like to help you alleviate their impact in your life so that you can thrive!

Are you ready?”

Welcome to an experience that will help you
find relief, resources, and resilience!

If you want to enrich your relationships, cultivate and attain professional goals or alleviate any distress you are feeling…This is the place!

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. Check it out!

Kelly Gorham is a brand that houses restorative empowerment services that include a mental health counseling practice, wellness coaching firm and a public speaking company. Each of our enterprises is committed to offering clients proven interventions and compassionate care. We specialize in helping clients to transition away from being burdened down with distress to fortifying their skills which then instigates transformative breakthrough in their lives, families, careers and in their business and ministry endeavors.

The ASA Centre

“The ASA Centre” is my private practice that houses my Clinical Mental Health Counseling services. The word ASA (pronounced “Ay-Sah” means Healer).

Let’s partner together to alleviate your distress.

The Wellness Inspiration Network

The Wellness Inspiration Network is my Coaching practice where we inspire people to identify and utilize viable wellness tools to help them restore their resilience.


“Kelly Gorham” is a Speaker & Change Agent who offers a powerful message of hope, practical interventions, and meaningful support to her audiences.

“Kelly Gorham offers a transformative experience for those who attend her events. if you are inteersted in booking Kelly for your next engagement, click the button for a free discovery call”